Online Qualifier Instructions


Step 1.

Please go back and verify the DATE and TIME of the event you signed up for. All times are posted in Central Standard Time.

Step 2.
Assure you have a registered hot button using your FIRST AND LAST NAME, NO NICKNAMES ALLOWED. You can scan your hot button and view the email address to verify you have given us the correct email address. If you require a hot button you can purchase it from your local vendor and register it on the board. If you purchase a hot button from us we will register the button for you and mail it. If you do not receive the hot button before the event you can manually log into the board by entering your email address.

PLEASE NOTE: 24 hours before the start of the event email addresses CAN NOT be updated on our end.
Not following these instructions will FORFIET you from the event with no refund

Step 3.
BEFORE THE DAY OF THE EVENT, verify on the board that you have the correct screens to access the event. From any G3 connected board do the following:

  1. From the main menu select Tournament Mode
  2. When in Tournament Mode select Tournament Leader

If you do not see Tournament Leader contact your local operator and have them update the boards by “creating files” and pushing an update.
Not following these instructions will FORFIET you from the event with no refund

Step 4.
At the start of the event proceed to Tournament Leader and scan your hot button or manually log in. If you have a match the board will inform you. Continue to check to see if you have been assigned a match. Once the match is complete the boards will automatically report the scores.

After you start the match by scanning your hot button in Tournament Leader you will be prompted to Cork.
  1. Cork - The board will require you to flip to the 13” board. Bull is set to 25/50. You will throw 3 darts and the player with the highest score wins the cork. If there is a tie you will throw another 3 darts. Concluding the cork the board will require you to flip back to the 15” and the winner of the cork will be prompted to start the match.
  2. Match Play -  The format of the qualifier is programmed in the board. Once you are in the match there is no need to exit the match like previous years.
  3. End of Match - Concluding the match the boards will update the bracket. You must continue scan your hot button until you have match available. Please refer to the bracket to find your place in the bracket and if you have a match coming up.
  4. PLEASE NOTE: DO NOT PRESS FORFIET AT ANYTIME DURING THE EVENT. If you need to reboot the dart board UNPLUG the board from the back. Turning the switch off and on does not resolve anything.

Any questions reply to the text message you received at the start of the event.